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Public API

API Base

All the API endpoints described in this article are relative to the base URL:



To access the API, you will need the API key that you will find in your account:

This API key should be included in the X-API-Key HTTP header.

Unauthenticated responses will return in a HTTP 401 Unauthorized code.

Here's a request example using cURL:

curl -X GET https://api.mailtimer.io/users/me/ -H "X-API-Key: <YOUR_API_KEY>"

Manage Timers

List timers

GET /timers


  • page (number)

Get timer

GET /timers/<timer_id>

Clone (duplicate) timer

POST /timers/<timer_id>/clone

Delete timer

DELETE /timers/<timer_id>

Update timer

POST /timers/<timer_id>


  • name (string)
  • is_enabled (boolean)
  • template (number): timer template id [1..9]
  • type (string): standard | eg1 (start when email is opened) | eg2 (start when email is sent) | dynamic
  • ts_end (string): format "YYYYMMDD HHmm"
  • show_d, show_h, show_m, show_s (boolean): show/hide days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • bg_color (string): background HEX color. Empty for transparent background
  • matte_color (string): matte HEX color (only for transparent background)
  • bg_url (string): background image URL
  • tz (string): timezone (example: Europe/Berlin), list
  • rounded_corners
    • is_enabled (boolean) 
    • radius (number): [0..100]
  • links
    • is_enabled (boolean) 
    • url_active (string)
    • url_expired (string)
  • expire
    • mode (number): 0-hide timer, 1-show zeros, 2-show message, 3-reset and restart
    • msg_line1 (string): only for "show message" mode
  • title
    • show (boolean): show or hide the title
    • text (string)
    • font_size (number)
    • color (string): title color in HEX format
  • dividers
    • show (boolean): show or hide the dividers
    • color (string): dividers color in HEX format
  • labels
    • font_size (number)
    • color (string): labels color in HEX format
    • label_d (string): custom label for 'Days'
    • label_h (string): custom label for 'Hours'
    • label_m (string): custom label for 'Minutes'
    • label_s (string): custom label for 'Seconds'
  • counter
    • font_size (number)
    • color (string): counter color in HEX format
    • has_lead_zeros (boolean)
    • bg_color (string): background color in HEX format

Create timer

POST /timers

Parameters: same as for update timer endpoint.

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